Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Task #1 set up blog and add avatar

I am now muddeling along. I think that having the link register your blog, before the instructions was a trap I fell into. I have no clue if my blog got registered as 2008new23. Also, I ran into the difficulty that my original blog name was already taken, but it did not stop me from using it. When I ended up at Google it informed me that the blog name was already taken. Now I'm busy laying out bread crumbs so I can figure out how to move forward the next time I have an hour or so to work on this project. The good news: 1) I have a google blog set up and 2) I set up and exported an avatar. The only experience I've had with avatars so far is watching my 8 year old niece set up avatars for Wii games. I could not find out how to change the brown hair color to grey, but was able to add in an ALA Read T-shirt and a library background. My main concern now is that I will be able to trace my way back to review task 1 and move on to task 2.

Not off to a good start

I tried to register for the "23 things on a stick" program offered to Minnesota library staff. After filling out the registration page I ended up at an ad for Survey Monkey and had no idea what to do next. When I tried to logon with the url I had set up, there already appeared to be a blog there set up in 2004. Then I tried another registration with a different blog name and ended back at the survey. When I then tried to connect to the blog I tried to register, I got site not found. I ended up registering for a Google account. I have no idea what the next step is in the process.